dinsdag 4 mei 2010

The Speeches Collection - John F. Kennedy

Given that these collections have to be pretty short -- typically 70 minutes -- this one has an amazing range of good material in it. Nearly every major speech of the 1960 campaign and of the presidency is here, althought most have to be represented by brief clips (but the clips are well-chosen). The editing of "Ich bin ein berliner", of the Texas "we will go to the moon" speech, and of the "New Frontier" (1960 convention acceptance speech) in particular, is shrewd and gives you a really good feel for what JFK was good at as a speaker -- probably the last of two great masters (the other was Martin Luther King) of the transitional style (the one we associate with FDR, Robert Taft, Adlai Stevenson, or Douglas MacArthur) in American public address.
Two unfortunate omissions are the American University "peace" address, and the complete omission of material from the Senate. There is occasional overlaying with "nostalgia" footage but it's mercifully brief and seldom obscures the speeches themselves. Clips of the speeches addressing the federalizing of the Alabama Guard in the U of A integration struggle, and of the announcement of the blockade during the Cuban missile crisis, are excellent but it's unfortunate that they are not longer. But these are quibbles.
Some truly great stuff here; a very good cut of the Inaugural (with most of the famous quotes given their proper contexts); nicely chosen clips of the Kennedy-Truman "open convention" squabble; a couple of extemporaneous excoriations of Nixon; the address to Protestant ministers on the subject of Kennedy's religion. Definitely one for your collection if you are interested in public speaking, or if you teach speech or history.

1960 campaign speeches (25 minutes),
1961 Innauguration address (5 min.),
1961 State of the Union address (3 min.),
September 1962 speech at Rice University on the race to the moon (5 min.),
June 1963 Civil Rights speech (12 min.),
June 1963 address in Berlin (5 min.),
1962 Cuban Missile Crisis (6 min.),
1963 State of the Union address (3 min.)
1962 State of the Union address (3 min.).
57min divx avi. each bit plays by itself. you can join the separate avi files real fast with freeware virtualdub,
which is also great for splitting large avi files

Hard English subtitles.


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