dinsdag 4 mei 2010

The Taliban - History Channel Declassified

In this eye-opening documentary, inside sources and restricted material expose the role of the United States and the Soviet Union in empowering - and in many ways creating - the Taliban.

* This incisive series exposes secrets held for decades.
* A revealing look at how the US - and the USSR - enabled our own worst enemy.
* Features extensive interviews with inside sources and leading scholars.

They are the stories that have been suppressed or overlooked for years and even generations. They expose the dark side of heroes, the humanity of villains, and the behind-the-scenes deals and bargains struck on the eve of history's most important events. Filled with extraordinary footage and interviews with eyewitnesses and experts, DECLASSIFIED illuminates fresh facets of some of the most compelling personalities and moments of the past.

First the Soviets bought them off and then the US sent them arms.

To the United States and the Soviet Union, Afghanistan was always a pawn in a much bigger game. The Russians sent in troops and we sent in the CIA to train the Mujahedin to kill Russians. But then the Taliban arose and the pawns started moving on their own.

DECLASSIFIED mines guarded vaults and archives around the world to reveal the untold story of how the pieces turned on the players and the jihad came to Kabul and the streets of New York.

This special presentation from THE HISTORY CHANNEL® demonstrates the immediacy and the compelling relevance of history in our daily lives.


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