zondag 2 mei 2010

Timothy McVeigh - A&E Biography

He was an average kid who seemed to find his niche in the army. But his service in the Gulf War left him disenchanted, and he drifted to the shady world of militias, conspiracy theorists and right-wing activism. Timothy McVeigh earned the death penalty for his role in the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history. BIOGRAPHY; traces his life from his unremarkable childhood in New York State to his emergence as the symbol for the new face of terrorism in America. Childhood neighbors and friends recall a normal kid who fit in fine, and army buddies remember the successful soldier who seemed well-positioned for a career in the military. But something happened, and McVeigh became disenchanted with the military, the government and, ultimately, America. Here, his biographer examines the forces that led McVeigh to commit his heinous crime, and extensive footage and news coverage relives the bombing that shocked the nation, and the investigation and trial that followed. From decorated soldier to reviled mass-murderer, this is the chilling tale of one man's journey to evil.


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