maandag 25 oktober 2010

Encyclopedia of terrorism - revised edition (Combs and Slann)

Cindy C. Combs, Martin W. Slann, Encyclopedia of Terrorism
Facts on File | 2007 | ISBN: 0816062773 | 512 pages | PDF | 6,6 MB

The ongoing conflicts in the Middle East and the bombings overseas have shown that - despite the War on Terror - terrorism is still very much a part of daily life for many individuals. Thoroughly updated and expanded by terrorism experts, Encyclopedia of Terrorism, Revised Edition provides students, researchers, journalists, and policymakers with a complete survey of what seems to be an intractable problem. More than 350 entries organized in an easily accessible, A-to-Z format offer comprehensive treatments of the events, people, organizations, and places that have played a major role in international terrorism. Each entry is placed within its appropriate historical context to help readers understand the wide-ranging motivations behind terrorist actions. Also included in this timely volume is a chronology of terrorist events that have occurred from 1945 to the present. New and updated entries include: Army of God; Osama bin Laden; Cyberterrorism; Darfur; Hamas; Saddam Hussein; Militias in the United States; The 9/11 Commission Report; Oklahoma City bombing; Al-Qaeda; USA Patriot Act; and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

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