maandag 25 oktober 2010

The New War On Terrorism - Fact And Fiction (Noam Chomsky)


MIT Professor Noam Chomsky, in the one of his most anticipated lectures ever- answers the questions, "what happened on September 11th is a historic event, one which will change the history?", "what is the war against terrorism or what is terrorism?", "what are the origins of the crimes of 9/11?", "what policy options are there in fighting the war against terrorism?"

Track Listing:
01. Assumptions, Questions, and Goals
02. Afghanistan
03. Attacks on the US
04. Attacks by the West
05. Terrorism and the War on Nicaragua
06. Terrorism Works
07. Freedom Fighters and Terrorists
08. CIA and Terrorism
09. Turning Against the Master
10. Why do They Hate Us?
11. Combatting Terror
12. International Relations and The Credibility Factor
13. Sensible Solutions
14. Reducing Terror, Enduring Freedom

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