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CIA - The shocking stories behind the headlines (BBC 1992)

BBC - CIA (1992)
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Six-part documentary series taking a comprehensive look at America's Central Intelligence Agency. (GB. Tx BBC 24/6/1992 - 29/7/1992).

Part 1 - Berlin Cowboys:
Follows the role of the CIA in Germany from 1947 to the mid-1960s.

Part 2 - Hidden Persuaders
Investigates the CIA's efforts to influence events in Italy and Indonesia through behind the scenes manoeuvring.

Part 3 - High Tech Low Cunning
Discusses the revolutionary effect which technological developments had on espionage from the 1950s onwards, focusing particularly on the U2 spy plane.

Part 4 - Phoenix Rising
Examines the Phoenix programme which was designed to eliminate the communist command and control structure in South Vietnam, asking whether it remained within the bounds of legitimate counter-insurgency warfare.

Part 5 - Executive Action
An examination of the development of so-called "executive action" by the CIA, which was intended as a means of targeting and assassinating specific individuals, notably Che Guevara and Fidel Castro, the latter of whom managed to get his spies to penetrate the actions of the CIA on several occasions.

Part 6 - Moving Targets
The CIA searches for a new role since the threat of communism no longer provides a pretext for its activities. Looks at the CIA's involvement in Iran and Central America and its role in the Iran-Contra scandal. Not all are convinced that the CIA does have a place in the post-Cold War world.

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