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Restricted Films of WWII - , Archive footage

The United States government produced thousands of films during World War II, many of which were considered "classified."
These film reports covered all theaters of operation and ran the gamut, from important news of battles and invasions, to the introductions of new equipment and supply methods.
Originally produced for commanding Generals and their immediate staff, we are able to bring you these inside"secret" stories of World War II through the Freedom of Information Act.

 03 Operations in Burma
07 Bridge over Salween River
14 B-29s in operation
38 Burma Operations
53 Activities in Burma
59 B-29 crash in China
61 Capture Bhamo, Burma road link
65 Activities in Burma - Leto Road
66 Activities in China - Liuchow

74 Malmedy
73 Stavelot
76 Bastogne
29 Allies move on Germany
55 Activities in ETO - 9th Army Front
75 St Vith
57 ETO fighter kills
15 Allies capture more French ports
18 American 1st Army advances on Aachen
71 Seized German film on work mobilization
34 Frontline steel production
21 Ordnance Repairs
56 Port of Antwerp
30 British 2nd Army takes Antwerp
50 Glider pick-up at Eindhoven
51 Air Force fighter kills
35 Bombed Belgian rail networks
64 Black Widows and JATO
17 Allied Armies drive on Germany
19 British 2nd Army moves into Holland
40 Vosges Mountain Front
26 Operations in France - Capture of Brest
33 RAF sinks Tirpitz
49 Battle of the Netherlands
12 German Installations
23 Airborne Strike Force
43 Fighting in Warsaw suburbs
20 Channel Coast activities
16 Capture of Le Havre
28 New Flying Bomb launching sites
39 Activities in European Theater: Aachen Front
10 American 3rd Army crosses Meuse River
31 American 1st Army pushes into Germany
22 German Frontier Operations
36 Allied Armies face rain & snow
72 First phase of German counter-offensive
67 Activities in ETO - 1st, 3rd & 7th Army
32 Airborne operations - the Netherlands
45 Activities in European Theater - Ruhr River
09 Clean up in Northern France & Belgium
02 Operations in Northern France

01 Invasion of Southern France
05 Progress in Southern France
06 Activities in Italy
11 5th Army pierces Gothic Line
24 Toulon Harbor Installations
27 20,000 Germans surrender
37 Rains slow Allied Armies
42 Italian Front
52 Liberation of Greece
58 Malaria control in Corsica
70 Activities in Italy

04 Japanese attack US Task Force
08 Clean up in New Guinea
13 Invasion of Morotai Island
25 Invasion of Palau Islands
41 Snapshooting course for Jungle Fighters
44 School for Jungle Life
46 Island Icebox
47 Activities in the Philippines
48 Carrier strikes in Ormoc and Manila Bays
54 Naval Battle of the Philippines
60 Japanese phosphorous bombs
62 Japanese raid Saipan B-29 base
63 GIs get whole blood from home
68 Ormoc landings
69 Troops land on Mindoro

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