maandag 20 juni 2011

Science of Interrogation (Discovery Channel)

H264 | 1280×720 | Runtime: 42min | 1.33GB

How do you crack psychopaths and pathological liars in cases where no forensics tie the criminal to the crime? The stakes are always very high in a criminal interrogation, get it wrong and a killer can go on killing or an innocent person goes to jail. It’s the ultimate cat and mouse game. What is the science of interrogation? What are the key elements in its arsenal? How have they led to the conviction of the toughest criminals or cleared the innocent? This is the story of the science and techniques of interrogation and how they have been applied in real-life cases, using actual police footage as illustrations. Learn of the exciting new frontiers in lie detection. Functional MRI can look inside the skull and reveal how people use different parts of the brain when they are lying. Is there any truth in the claims made about truth serums? Can thermal imaging of the face detect tell tale signs of lying? These are the pioneering technologies which all claim to expose the liar.

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