zondag 12 september 2010

The angry brigade

The Angry Brigade was a British libertarian communist militant group responsible for bomb attacks in Britain between 1970 and 1972. Strongly influenced by anarchism and the Situationists, their targets included banks, embassies. In total, 25 bombings were attributed to them by the police. The damage done by the bombings was mostly limited to property damage although one person was slightly injured. A group of anarchists from North East London, the ‘Stoke Newington Eight’ were prosecuted for carrying out bombings as the Angry Brigade in one of the longest criminal trials of English history (it lasted from 30 May to 6 December 1972). As a result of the trial, John Barker, Jim Greenfield, Hilary Creek and Anna Mendleson received prison sentences of 10 years. A number of other defendants were found not guilty, including Stuart Christie, who had previously been imprisoned in Spain for carrying explosives with the intent to assassinate the dictator Francisco Franco.




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