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Annie Machon: Keynote Address - June 3, 2006

"MI5 was founded… way back in 1909, and its primary purpose was to investigate the threat of German espionage in the run-up to the first World War. They have moved on slightly in those 80 years, but all that time, they didn’t exist… officially." – Annie Machon, June 3, 2006.

Annie Machon, is a former intelligence officer for MI5. She and infamous truthteller David Shayler walked away from MI5 after deciding that they could not morally justify withholding from the British public the unpleasant realities that made up the workaday intelligence lifestyle. This included criminal practices that went as far as subletting an assassination attempt on Libya’s Qaddafi to a terrorist organization with al-Qaeda links—3 years after the first WTC bombing in 1993. (If you go to the archived April 8, 2006 broadcast of “World Crisis Radio” you can listen to Shayler tell his story in his own words.)

Although the intelligence world is all-consuming, and dissidents are few, they do exist. Recently, former, and ex-CIA analysts have been critical of the 9/11 Commission and its final report: Ray McGovern, David MacMichaels, Mel Goodman and most recently, Bill Christison. The most famous high-level analyst to publicly break with CIA is Victor Marchetti. The publication of his book “The Cult of Intelligence” inspired the Church Committee.

There are also notable cases of operatives who have had moral dilemmas that could not be resolved as they worked as CIA field agents. The most famous case would be that of ex-agent Philip Agee, with a close runner-up being Ralph McGehee.

This is where Shayler and Machon come from. Shayler learned that the plot to kill Qaddafi not only failed, but innocent civilians were killed by a misplaced bomb, and bystanders were also shot by Qaddafi’s security. The “terrorists” were funded by MI6. The leader of the terrorists, “Tunworth”, an associate of bin Laden.

Machon gives a first-hand view of British intelligence, mostly unglamorous.

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