dinsdag 14 september 2010

The Red Army / PFLP: Declaration of World War (1971)


"Unlike the students doing nothing but talking, Wakamatsu decides to act efficiently. And can be more efficient than armed struggle, like the PFLP ready to blow up 3 aircraft to be heard by everyone?

That’s why, Wakamatsu and Adachi (his usual scenarist) go meet with those revolutionaries, hiden somewhere in the Lebanese Mountains. There, no more Modern Civilisation, just traditional habitations from the middle east: small houses near desert area. Here, American Imperialism, Zionism and Israel are hated by everybody.

Armed struggle is part of the revolutionaries’ daily life. Learn how to fight, how to use weapons, and always practise to be ready to fight. Being on stand-by doesn’t mean being lazy, they have to keep practicing, always, there’s no dead time. Revolutionaries take apart weapons and take part together, they do simulation of fights with real weapons… Kalachnikov, bazooka, and grenades belong to the artillery of the good revolutionary.

On the walls, we can often find bullet holes. And for sure, we know the urban-sterilized American world hasn’t put one foot in these rebels area. Armed struggle must stop the rise of American imperialism. Oncle Sam and his symbols are laughed through many propaganda draws, and assimilated to a death culture. Same thing about the american TV, always showing a magnificent hyper-reality. Lies that must be destructed by revolutionaries actions – hostage taking, terrorist attack…

Any actions is good as long as it open people’s eyes, in order to call every partisans from every country to be ready to the revolution – a world war. Wakamatsu and Adachi interview some revolutionaries about their motivations, their expectations, their hopes. In every answers, there’s the need of a marxist-leninist world revolution. Known as the only way to crush imperialism. The “Palestinian Revolution” must be an example that can allow the unity of every freedom fighters of the world. In other words, The Internationale must become a reality.

With this documentary, this is exactly what Wakamatsu and Adachi want people to know. It’s a call for the armed struggle… That’s why Wakamatsu and Adachi will be considered as terrorist by some international organism."

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