dinsdag 14 september 2010

Focus on the FBI (1959 - 1970)

National Archives and Records Administration

Focus on the FBI, ca. 1959 - ca. 1970

Department of Justice. Federal Bureau of Investigation. (1935 - )

NEWSREEL: Follows twenty-seven year old law school graduate, Tom Holliday, progress through thirteen week training course at FBI Academy at Quantico, Virginia. Trainees learn when, where, what, and how to investigate bank robbies, kidnappings, extortion and espionage crimes, and laws and federal statutes covering these crimes. Demonstrates how to photograph and read burned paper, how to identify fire arms, manual fingerprint search process, and different types of guns. At Combat Village, ghost town used by FBI to train agents, Tom demonstrated his ability to capture and arrest fugitive. J. Edgar Hoover, Director of FBI since 1924, comments on importance of FBI training for special agents.

DVD copied by Justin Grimes.

Producer: National Archives and Records Administration
Language: English

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