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Dan Cruickshank Under Fire [Complete 3 Episodes] (BBC)

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Dan Cruickshank Under Fire (Part 1 of 3) – Raiders of the Lost Art – On Iraq’s Lost Treasures

Dan Cruickshank goes in search of Iraq’s lost art following the invasion in 2003. Cruickshank aims to discover what happened at the Iraq museum – which was known to have the best collection of Sumerian artifacts in the world -and whether it is true that many of it’s artifacts were stolen or destroyed. His investigation reveals the corruption of Sadam’s regime and the social chaos following the invasion with the country’s priceless history caught in the middle.

Dan Cruickshank Under Fire (Part 2 of 3) – Lost Treasure Of Kabul – On Afghanistan’s Lost Treasures

Architectural historian Dan Cruickshank journeys to Afghanistan on an expedition into the heart of its war torn cities and mountainous regions in search of what remains of its once rich cultural heritage.

Over the last 20 years, Afghanistan has been blown apart by successive civil wars and the tyrannical regime of the Taliban. This was a country with a unique cultural identity, whose ancient trade road, the Silk Route, had brought a great fusion of influences from the Han dynasty in the East, the Caesar dynasty in the West and from India in the South. Now Afghanistan lies in ruins and archaeological sites and architectural ruins have been plundered by soldiers and profiteers.

For this Omnibus Special, Dan Cruickshank attempts to discover what cultural treasures remain. He travels to Bamiyan to see first hand the colossal Buddhas that were destroyed by the Taliban in March 2001. He meets the Hazara people of Bamiyan, who speak openly about life under the Taliban.

In Kabul, Dan visits the town’s museum which has lost approximately 70% of its collection. All artefacts containing imagery thought contradictory to the Taliban version of Islam were destroyed. What little remains is due to the heroics of museum staff and members of the Afghan “Cultural Resistance” who risked their lives to save art work. They tell of the extraordinary lengths they were prepared to go to, to protect their cultural heritage.

Omnibus Special also goes in search of the Bactrian Gold. This hoard of some 26,000 pieces of gold jewellery was found near Kunduz in 1979, but has not been seen since 1999. The gold is thought to lie intact in a secret location in Kabul.

Dan Cruickshank Under Fire (Part 3 of 3) – On The Road To Armageddon – Palestine’s Threatened Treasures

On the very first day of the Conflict in Iraq, Dan Cruickshank and his team flew into Israel, to the war torn West Bank and the very real peril of cultural disaster.

In 1991, thirty nine Scud missiles hit Israel: what devastation would similar attacks wreak if they landed on the holy sites of Jerusalem, Bethlehem or Hebron?

Dan Cruickshank braves the streets and checkpoints of a heavily curfewed and dangerous Hebron to reach the Tomb of the Patriarchs, burial place of Abraham.

He said it’s a very odd feeling knowing people had their sights trained on you, and it’s strangely depressing seeing holy sites surrounded by armed guards.

He visits Hebron where the Tomb is divided in half Jewish/Muslim but guarded by armed Israelis and the Muslim section is empty.

There were no worshippers because they’re often under 24 hour curfew.

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