zaterdag 20 februari 2010

Lost nuke

13th of February, 1950. The beginning of the cold war. Off the west coast of Canada, United States Airforce Bomber 075 was engaged in a top secret mission. Deep inside the bomb bay, weaponeer Ted Shrier was arming a mark four nuclear weapon, when suddenly, the airplane began to malfunction. Without warning, two of the six engines burst into flames. Shrier struggled to make safe the weapon as the B36 began to plummet out of the sky. Moments later the bomber suffered a final blow, as a third engine was engulfed by fire. As 075 entered restricted arispace over Canada, the pilot ordered his crew of 17 to prepare to abandon the crippled airplane. Just before midnight, the nuclear bomber disappeared from the radar screen. That was the intro, the rest seems very interesting. Enjoy learning something, lates.

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