zaterdag 20 februari 2010

SAS - The originals 01 - Dare to win

The setting is the Western Desert of North Africa; the date, November 1941. In the first episode of SAS: The Originals, Colonel Tim Collins of the SAS presents a unique and comprehensive investigation of the birth of the SAS, concentrating on the originals’ treacherous first mission and the man behind it all – David Stirling.

Stuck in hospital recovering from an unsuccessful parachute jump, Stirling developed the concept of the SAS – a revolutionary form of the commando, which consisted of a just four men carrying out an operation, as opposed to hundreds.

This programme presents a dramatic tale of perseverance, as the originals – the men who were there from day one – encountered a treacherous storm on their very first mission, forcing them to make a decision: save their lives and risk command dissolving the SAS, or continue at their own peril.

Opting for the latter, they faced a journey full of trials and tribulations and pay a heavy price for this decision.

Leading the viewer on a vivid tour, this programme explores the evolution of the SAS from these humble beginnings to one of the most esteemed of all the British military units.

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