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7/7 Mind the gap - Official confusion (2006) (also available with Dutch sub)

Why has there been no public investigation into the London explosions of 7th July 2005? This investigative documentary uncovers evidence that points to a high-level cover-up & asks why the media are reporting the four suspects as 'suicide bombers' when there is little or no evidence in the public domain that they were. Narrated by ex-MI5 officer David Shayler, this 40 minute film cuts through leaks and spin to explain why the official government story of the four lone suicide bombers just does not add up.

Ex-Counter Intelligence Officer David Shayler introduces a Bristol made documentary which challenges the official story of the London bombings.

Despite the failures of police and MI5 the government has still not accepted the need for a public inquiry. Released to mark the first anniversary of the 7/7 attacks Mind the Gap presents new evidence that contradicts the government's version of events.

David Shayler's job in MI5 was protecting the British public from terrorist attack. He has studied the events of 7/7 thoroughly and concluded that the official account of four lone suicide bombers just does not add up.

Highlighting little-known facts from last year's attacks he gives the audience a briefing, much like one he would have given to the Prime Minister of the day.

Why are there so many gaps in the official story? A vast amount of unsubstantiated stories have been published by the press, why the confusion? Were the men duped? Were they really suicide bombers? Why have no CCTV images of the suspected bombers on the tube network that day been released? What are the parallels with the 9/11 attacks?

These and many more questions challenging the official version of events are explored. As survivors, politicians and religious leaders are again calling for a public inquiry into the attacks, this film shows why such an inquiry is necessary.

David Shayler's biog: On graduating in 1989 David Shayler joined the Sunday Times. Six months later, he left the newspaper to set up his own student publication with a circulation of 25,000. In 1991, David joined MI5 as a counter-intelligence officer.

In 1996, after being briefed about an MI6-funded operation to assassinate Colonel Gaddafi of Libya which killed innocent civilians he resigned from the service. In August 1997, he submitted a series of articles blowing the whistle on his previous employers. He fled to France before he could be arrested. A year later, he was imprisoned with a view to extradition. The French court refused the request because David's alleged offence was political.

In 2000, David voluntarily returned to the UK. In 2002 he was tried and convicted under the Official Secrets Act and sentenced to six months in prison. Since his release, he has helped his partner Annie Machon, also a former MI5 officer, to write Spies, Lies and Whistleblowers, MI5, MI6 and the Shayler Affair, which details corruption and incompetence at the heart of the British intelligence establishment.

David has now turned his full attention to exposing false flag operations like 9/11. He is a key member of the UK and Ireland Truth Campaign. He has more recently been investigating the inconsistencies regarding the 7th July bombings for a book which is to be finished soon.

Aside from the terrible unnecessary loss of life, what's very disturbing for me is the lack of a public enquiry into the events. A new film '7/7 Mind The Gap' collates the evidence and poses important questions to viewers and politicians alike.

The film premiered at Bristol's Cube Cinema on Sunday 2 July 2006.
It makes compelling viewing and I trust that mainstream jounalists will now continue with the investigation they began in July 2005. Justice and a full investigation is due to those who lost loved ones including the families of the alleged bombers.

With Dutch subtitles:

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