zaterdag 20 november 2010

Argentina's Dirty War (2009) BBC

29 Jan 2009, 23:20 on BBC Two

A look at how history still haunts modern Argentina. The horror of what happened during
Argentina's brutal military dictatorship is once again dividing the country. The
government is finally bringing prosecutions against the alleged perpetrators of the
so-called disappearances of left wingers during the seventies and early eighties. And
it has emerged that some of the victims had children who were sent away for adoption.

Maria Belen Gentile has now been reunited with her grandmother, having learned that her
birth parents were killed in their early twenties, and she is part of a campaign for
justice. But what about the victims of the other side? Arturo Larrabure's father was a
soldier kidnapped and allegedly tortured and murdered by left wing guerrillas - and he
thinks justice should work both ways.

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