zaterdag 27 november 2010

7/7 Panorama: London under attack (2004)

Panorama: London under attack was broadcast on BBC One on Sunday, 16 May 2004 at 22:15 BST

This film is a mock exercise of what might happen in London if there was a terror attack now. In a unique fusion of drama, detailed research and expert discussion Panorama puts Britain's emergency plans to the test. Set in the future - but only just - the city of London is thrown into chaos by a series of terrorist attacks.

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The fictional day of terror unfolds through the immediacy of rolling news bringing the catastrophic attack into our living rooms. As events unfold, Panorama and a team of specialists reveal gaps in our preparations. The eight-strong team includes people with first hand knowledge of intelligence, emergency planning, police, fire, government and media management. Together they take us 'behind closed doors' to reveal to what extent the emergency plans and resources in place today could cope if London was attacked. For more than two years, senior police and intelligence officials and senior cabinet members have been warning that terrorists will attack the UK and the likely target is London. In recent weeks, since Madrid was attacked, those warnings have intensified. Is the certainty of their predictions matched by the thoroughness of their preparations?

Production team:
Producer: Susan O'Keeffe
Presenter: Gavin Esler
Deputy Editor: Andrew Bell
Editor: Mike Robinson

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