zaterdag 28 augustus 2010

The Cult of the Suicide Bomber

Presented by Robert Baer
Produced & directed by David Batty and Kevin Toolis

In this fascinating award-winning documentary, ex-CIA agent Bob Baer traces suicide bombing from its origins on the southern battlefields of the 1980s Iran-Iraq war to the suicidal car bombers of the Lebanon, to the random terror of Jerusalem’s human bomb bus war, and on to the bloody carnage of the July 7th Underground bombings in London.

With extraordinary footage of actual suicide bomb attacks, and riveting interviews with failed suicide bombers and their families, ‘The Cult of the Suicide Bomber’ is the definitive documentary history of the rise of an enemy against whom there is no real defence.

Cult of the Suicide Bomber has been broadcast all over the world and has been nominated for an Emmy and the prestigious British Grierson documentary award.

Cult of the Suicide Bomber was theatrically released in New York and as a best selling DVD in the United States by Dinsinfo.

Camera Lawrence Gardner, Eugene McVeigh
Film Editors Russell Crockett, Sean Mackenzie
Music Dimo Tchamouroff
Production Manager Pippa White
Research Jenny Berglund

Runtime: 96 min | DVDRIP | Language: English | ASIN: B000FG8BO6 | 700 Mb| AVI

Their devastating and deadly actions punctuate the world news almost nightly, yet they remain faceless figures amidst the violence and turmoil that engulf the Middle East. And, whether it’s the C4-laden martyrs of Hezbollah or the car bombing insurgents of Iraq, what could possibly compel a suicide bomber to voluntarily take their own lives, along with those of hundreds of innocent victims?

There is perhaps no one better equipped to investigate this terrifying practice than Robert Baer, a decorated, former Middle East CIA Agent and the man George Clooney’s character was based on in the Academy Award-winning film, Syriana.

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