dinsdag 16 november 2010

The Counter Terrorist Magazine - August/September 2010

English | 76 Pages | 23MB | True PDF

With a reputation forged by hard work and determination to empower Homeland Security warriors, Security Solutions International is proud to offer The Counter Terrorist magazine.

America's premier informational journal for Homeland Security professionals, our mission is to provide first responders relevant technical information they need to combat terrorism at home and abroad. The Counter Terrorist's aim is nothing short of our country's motto regarding the war on terror . . . Be Ready!

And Ready We Are–with articles, reviews and subject matter on such relevant topics as:
The Radical Islamic Threat
Internet Jihad
Infrastructure Protection
Mass Casualty Protection
School Shooting Threat Assessments
Iraq: Experience Gained by Fighting Terror
Intelligence Gathering

Natural Disaster Planning

and much more . . . this is knowledge no first responder can afford to be without!




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