maandag 1 november 2010

Lebanon's rising tensions (Inside story - Aljazeera)

Hezbollah has called for a boycott of the UN investigation into the assassination of Rafiq al-Hariri, the late Lebanese prime minister, in 2005. Reports now suggest that some Hezbollah members could be indicted. The Lebanese government has co-operated with the tribunal since it was established but Hezbollah considers the assassination to be an internal matter and has called for a local investigation. Hassan Nasrallah, the Hezbollah leader, believes information from the probe is being passed on to the group's arch rival - Israel. So, has Hezbollah moved on to the offensive? And what role could regional powers play in escalating or defusing rising tensions in Lebanon?

Airdate: 30 oct 2010
Time: 24:22 min.
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