maandag 15 november 2010

U-Boats in the Gulf of Mexico (2010) History Channel

44 Min | 496 x 360 | H264 - 980Kbps | 23.976fps | MPEG Audio - 96.0Kbps | 348 MB

In 1942, with the U.S. military still gearing for battle, Hitler brought the war to America. In a little known mission, dozens of Nazi U-boats penetrated the Gulf of Mexico, attacking and sinking numerous merchant freighters and oil tankers. While experts thought they knew most of what went on there, their theories were challenged in 2001 when an underwater survey team discovered the wreck of U-166 on the Gulf's seafloor--over 140 miles distant from where records said she sank.
U-BOATS IN THE GULF tells the story that the government kept quiet over half a century ago, revealing just how effective these interlopers were. Incredible images recorded by one of the most advanced underwater imaging systems in the world show U-166 in its final resting place, while dazzling computer re-creations bring its final moments to life.

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