donderdag 16 juni 2011

Dispatches - America's Secret Killers (2011)

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48 minutes

The strike that killed Osama bin Laden provided a glimpse of the vast and often secret campaign by US special forces and troops to kill thousands of Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters. They call it 'precision targeting'; their critics say it's assassination. A six-month investigation by Dispatches has gone inside the US 'kill/capture' programme to discover new evidence of the strategy's impact, and its costs. The team have talked to key figures in the US military, to US spies and to Taliban commanders and fighters. Gen David Petraeus, since he took command of troops last year, has ordered a major expansion of these 'manhunt' missions that rely on highly classified intelligence, cutting-edge technology and Special Operations forces. Correspondent Stephen Grey and producer Dan Edge explore the logic behind the kill/capture policy, and ask if this unremitting pursuit of the enemy will help end the war in Afghanistan.

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