zaterdag 28 augustus 2010

America's Atomic Bomb Tests - Operation tumbler snapper

Documentary footage (intended for internal use and not declassified until 1997) comes to light in three essential DVDs. Includes America's Atomic Bomb Tests: Operation Tumbler Snapper, featuring formerly classified footage of small yield atomic weapons detonations on soldiers, buildings, vehicles, tanks, and trees. America's Atomic Bomb Tests: At Ground Zero features revelatory footage of the only known test ever conducted of the effects of a nuclear bomb on a typical American community. Conducted in the Nevada desert in the 1950's, these frightening trials demonstrate the destructive impact of the bomb. Finally, America's Atomic Bomb Tests: Operation Hardtack charts the detonation of 62 nuclear bombs, performed in an extensive series of tests performed on the Pacific Proving Grounds and the Nevada test site. Includes combined balloon, surface, barge, underwater, underground, tower, and missile shots.




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