vrijdag 13 augustus 2010

Combat School - 6 eps. (Discovery)

For the first time, the Canadian Forces have allowed cameras into their training grounds to give Discovery Channel viewers an incredible, in depth look at what it takes to become a Canadian soldier.

In the midst of a dusty desert landscape, Pte. Dan Martin clambers up a well-positioned hill to scope out potential threats to his fellow Canadian Forces soldiers.

But he fails to take proper cover while perched atop his post and instead serves as an easy target for Taliban gunfire.

Thankfully, this deadly mistake took place in training, and not on the fields of Afghanistan.

"It's a real eye-opener for me," the sheepish Martin says after being chewed out by his commanders for forgetting basic strategy on the new reality series, Combat School. "If that was real, I would have been dead so I've got to be careful now."

This rookie mistake plays out in the first of six episodes that offer a rare glimpse of Canadian infantry soldiers preparing for their mission in Afghanistan.

The show follows a platoon of 40 men and women from 1 Platoon, Mike Company, 3rd Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment as they undergo technologically advanced, intense and realistic warfare training. Along the way, viewers get to know them personally with one celebrating a marriage, another the birth of a child. It all culminates with on-the-ground footage of their first days in Afghanistan.

Episode 1: One Platoon

Episode 2: Who Here Wants to Die?

Episode 3: A Virtual War

Episode 4: Hidden Enemies

Episode 5: Ready or Not

Episode 6: Trial by Fire

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