maandag 30 augustus 2010

Political assassinations - Aldo Moro (Gladio)

"Early 1978, Aldo Moro, President of the leading Christian Democratic Party, had a new vision of Italian politics: for the first time since 1945, in a historic compromise, a coalition government should include communists. He had even persuaded Communist Party leader Enrico Berlinger to cut ties with Moscow in return for a role in government. It was a new vision of democratic power-sharing which infuriated the Establishment. A vision for which he had to die. On May 9th 1978 Police discover his body in the boot of a Renault 4, parked in the centre of Rome. He had been shot in the heart eleven times after being kidnapped by terrorists of the Extreme Left -The Red Brigades. His assassination had the same impact on Italy as the death of President Kennedy in America. He, too, was loved by the people because he was a champion for change. Today many believe that the killing was really the work of an unholy alliance of conspirators -the Italian Secret Service, Right Wing politicians, and the CIA-who had tricked the Red Brigades into doing their dirty work. A Film by Michael Busse and Rosa Maria Bobbi. "
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