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Dining with terrorists (2009)

Since the events of September 11, the word "terrorism" has acquired a new political dynamic. Wars are waged and many lives have been lost in the name of combatting "terror" and strict legislation has been passed to prevent acts of "terrorism". Definitions of these words are highly subjective and what constitutes a "terrorist" depends on where you live and what you believe in.

In this six-part series, author and journalist Phil Rees travels to South Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas to explore the debate surrounding the meaning of the word "terrorism".

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Return of the Freedom Fighter
In this episode, Phil Rees concludes that before the 'war on terror' can have its Armistice Day, the West will have to negotiate with those it considers terrorists.

DWT 1-1
DWT 1-2

Fighting Occupation
In this episode, Phil Rees travels to Israel, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank and asks: Is what the West calls terrorism a legitimate response for a nation forced to live under the control of another?

DWT 2-1
DWT 2-2

Divided Island
In this episode, Phil travels with Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers and comes to learn why, to their supporters at least, the group are known not as terrorists but "freedom fighters".

DWT 3-1
DWT 3-2

America's Backyard
In the remote jungle of Colombia Phil meets members of one of the world's most elusive guerrilla groups. The Farc claim they are trying to overthrow the government in order to help the country's poor. Their opponents say they are guilty of drug trafficking and of kidnapping and murdering civilians.

DWT 4-1
DWT 4-2

Global Jihad
The north west of Pakistan is considered the frontline of the so-called war on terror. Here Phil meets Taliban fighters and the security forces trying to combat them.

DWT 5-1
DWT 5-2

Death of the Freedom Fighter
In the first episode of the series Phil Rees asks if the old adage that one man's terrorist is another's freedom fighter still applies.

DWT 6-1
DWT 6-2

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