woensdag 11 augustus 2010

Mission invisible

The world's largest 'nuclear-loaded submarine' was built in Russia. Together with the crew of 130 men of a Russian nuclear "Typhoon"-class boomer, 179 meters long, we will go for a thrilling underwater adventure during a clandestine mission in the North Atlantic. With 20 ballistic missiles on-board, the force of which are so great that they can destroy an entire country within 30 minutes, we will become involved in a game of stealth, cunning and awesome technology where the stakes could not be higher. For the first time we'll set our foot on the world's largest death-machine and the pride of the russian fleet. Over the course of two months, we will dive deep in to the ocean on a top secret military mission and we will be pitting our wits against NATO's own submarines and anti-submarine defenses in an extraordinary adventure the likes of which have never been seen in a documentary film.


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