donderdag 12 augustus 2010

Outsmarting terror (NGC Explorer 2006)

In the lab, chief scientist Dr. Bogdan Maglich explains the Carbomb Detector, an explosive sniffing robot that uses stoichiometry to detect the type and concentration of explosive materials.

The Guardium—an unmanned security vehicle that can patrol, track down, and eliminate a target. This photo shows its scale, relative to a commercial jet.

The Guardium, a high-tech unmanned vehicle, can automatically respond to trespassers and can track down and eliminate a terrorist. This robotic weapon can hunt down and effectively prevent terrorists from reaching their target.

The German-made OFRO + patrols large open spaces looking for intruders and sniffing out deadly gases. This advanced robot possesses the latest sensors enabling it to smell all current tactical and industrial gases as well as detect radioactive materials.

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